Play Journal – Farkle


I had seen the game pop up in my recommended from Amazon, I was actually getting ready to order the Nightmare Before Christmas Yahtzee game, and decided that would be a fun game to play after Easter Dinner. Note: My dad is a die hard poker player. He gets together with his friends every week to play. He was a good sport and tried the game anyway. He did not like that, in his mind, it was mainly luck of the roll compared to poker where there is more strategy.

The rules that I found on the internet were different then my husbands rules so we played one game of each. Here is a link to the rules – Mainly you keep rolling as long as you get dice that score – 1 or 5 or groups of 3 or more of the same dice in the same roll. But if you want to take a risk and keep rolling but have no scoring dice (it happened at least 7 times when we played throwing all 6 dice) then you loose all points you had accumulated from your current turn. This relates directly to our reading from Holden regarding taking risks and trying out different ways of thinking.

Since it is a dice game there are all sorts of ways that you could change it up. We actually have a random dice that is brown. I was thinking that it would be fun to make that special in some way. Like choosing the power-ball number – say a number before rolling and if the colored dice comes up that number you take the total points that you rolled times that number.

Surprisingly even though both times I started out behind everyone I won both games.They were playing each roll to get the most points possible where as I was playing to observe them and just get a few points on the board each roll. I noticed as we were playing we were conversing both about the game but then also helping each other quickly add up the total points. This would be a great game for children any where from age 4 and up to practice their math skills in a fun way.

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