VoiceThread and Games

VoiceThread and Games

I was excited about this webinar because I have been using Voicethread.com for quite a while with my online classroom. If you have not had a chance to explore Voicethread I encourage you to try out the free account.

Tonight the class was lead by George, instructional designer, and it was amazing. So many things that I had not thought of trying before. The best thing is that he linked examples into my voicethread account. No having to search for a link to a recording. It was fun to think of how students would play a game and then I could score them to encourage some friendly competition. George gave a great reminder that after the game we, as teachers, need to help the student reflect on the game and their learning/emotions/critical thinking. I am definitely going to have my students use the doodle tool. What a great way to have both audio and a working visual.

Sounds like they offer this type of class a few times a year. So you did not miss out. Just get your free account and start watching for any webinars that peak your interest.

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