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Teachers Pay Teachers Not Grade Specific - TeachersPayTeachers.com

I am not sure why it did not click with me earlier but today I found the app for my phone and iPad https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teachers-pay-teachers/id581312419?mt=8

From the time I choose this website I have only been accessing it on either my desktop, laptop or via the regular browser on my tablet. Today I was playing around on the website and noticed they have an app. Well that would have made my downtime waiting for DMV or any of my other appointments more productive because I could have played on the app. Though I have been spending the past 5 minutes trying to remember my log in since it is store on all the different devices and I have forgotten…… Oh there is goes. Now check the remember me box so that I can forget all over again.

As I have been exploring their Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages I have been ear marking different items to share with my students. I want them to have outside resources to access once class is over and/or they graduate. Though both my students and I have noticed that just because these people think they are amazing teachers with developmentally appropriate items to share, sometime the lessons are not right for the age. I think it is beneficial to show this to my students as it will help them to create their own guidelines for what lessons/activities are DAP for children 8 years and younger.

Personally I quickly get side tracked looking at the businesses and people that this group is following. I am currently listening to a book called APE about publishing – http://guykawasaki.com/books/ape-author-publisher-entrepreneur/. Interestingly when I went to the groups twitter site one of the people they are following is Guy Kawaski who is one of the authors for this book. ape-1667x2500.png


6 Degrees of Separation – we are always closer to people and answers then we think.

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