Play Journal – Fun Operation

DSCN2730It was a toss up between Chinese Checkers or Rudolph Operation on Bumbles. After realizing that the checker game was missing some marbles (literally) the other game won out. It was given to my hubby a few Christmas’s ago. Each year he gets something Bumbles (inside family joke because as a child he was terrified of Bumbles).

It is similar to the regular game (don’t touch the sides) but with a few twists besides the obvious ones of Bumbles roaring and the bones actually being toys from the Island of Misfit Toys. There were cards you drew each turn and if you messed up the person with the matching expert card (that was randomly dealt out at the start) got to try at double the payment $$ that you would have gotten had you been successful.

It went much faster then we expected because all of the shapes seemed to have a ledge or something sticking out that allowed you to grab it without setting off Bumbles. It was fun but limited game wise. One could come up with some different rules like try to grab the items with your non-dominate hand or with 1 eye shut. Great for fine motor skills for younger children. We only did one round…… Now to find those missing marbles. LOL

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