Importance of All Hallows Eve Costume

As I reflect on all of those cute and sometimes scary costumes that I saw over the Halloween celebration, I pondered on how some child care facilities and parents view dressing up for the holiday. Early childhood research supports the concept that allowing children to dress up as different things that they see out in the world, read about, or see on TV helps them to gain a better understanding of those concepts. Thus a child dressing up like a fireman will get to try out that role as well as gain a better emotional understanding through play acting of what it might feel like to save people or put out a fire. One concept that we sometimes forget is ‘fear’. Dressing up as and acting as something they are fearful of helps a child to better understand and be able to control their emotions. Bonus they hopefully will realize that the animal, item, person, situation is not nearly as scary as they thought. Thus they can take control and ownership of their behaviors which then leads to more productive and positive interactions with others.

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